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The Benefits of Hiring a Landscape Designer

To have the guarantee of professionalism

A landscape designer is a professional in the field of landscaping. They have received comprehensive cultural, scientific, and technical training, often with a Master's degree. Their profession is regulated by law, and they must adhere to a clear and precise code of ethics. They have professional liability insurance and a ten-year warranty.

To benefit from the expertise of a recognized professional

A landscape designer has the ability to envision a comprehensive and sustainable project that seamlessly integrates with the existing surroundings while respecting feasibility constraints and the environment. They will not simply offer a decorative garden but a living garden that evokes emotions and is driven by intention.

For expert advice

Based on your budget, a landscape designer can assist you in defining your project. They will study its feasibility and design a garden that suits your lifestyle and desires.

To visualize your project and make the right choices

A landscape designer provides decision-making tools to guide you in your choices. They can create mood boards, offer illustrations and visuals, and provide realistic 3D models. They can even produce videos to simulate the ambience of your future garden during the day and night. You will be able to project yourself into your future garden and experience it already.

For ongoing support

During the implementation phase, a landscape designer can advise you on selecting the companies that will work on your property. They will establish schedules and ensure the proper execution of the work. They will oversee the conformity of the completed projects. They will accompany you throughout the entire process, from conception to delivery.

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