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Who am I?
I am a Landscape Designer and a Landscape Engineer.

After my studies, I worked in the United Kingdom for the company Bestall & co, a renowned company in the field of quality gardens which is located in Yorkshire.

There, I developed my passion for the garden by integrating the British creative process which is defined by thoroughness, attention to detail and elegance. In addition, I have recognised the value of a special designer/client relationship, focused on listening, enriched by the use of decision support tools such as realistic digital simulations. 

The garden is designed as an inspiring living space. 
My values


Understand your world and your way of life

Communicate at all phases of the project


Define the intention and identity of your future design

Give meaning to your garden
Present realistic graphic elements 

Carry out clear and rigorous construction plans


Environmentally friendly

Promote biodiversity

Focus on draining surfaces to preserve groundwater

Limit floor coverings that create hot spots
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